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Name: Taura
"Real" Name: Katherine Jackson
Room Number: F8 (with Nina)
Hair Color: Brown, waist length, frizzy, a few gray hairs
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 6' 6"
Other Characteristics: Athletic but not stocky build. Hair often in a braid. Deep voice for a woman.
Reference Images:[1] (lower left corner), [2]
Main Language: Future English with mild Jackson's Whole accent.
Second Language(s): N/A
Current Physical Status: Uninjured.
Green nail polish.
Usual Dayshift gear: Standard clothing, bandaids on ears, Coliseum sticker.
Usual Nightshift gear: Standard clothing, large throwing star [1, 2], hand-claw and/or stun gun, heal materia. (Some gear may be in a small purse.) Manfred von Karma's small turquoise earrings in her ears.
Current Powers/Limitations: Stronger/faster than average, but within human norms. Some infrared vision. Power Details
Canon: The Vorkosigan books by Lois McMaster Bujold.
More information: See posts under the Info tag
"Real Life" Background:here
Tracking/Planning:Tracking Tag

This is a roleplaying journal for the game [community profile] damned_institute. Player is [personal profile] valentinite. Profile art is by [info]evildisko.

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