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Constructive criticism, whether on characterization or on general roleplaying is always welcome. Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging is off.

My contact information:
Plurk (preferred): [ profile] valentinite
PM (preferred): PMs are enabled on all my journals.
AIM: valentinitesarah
Email: valentinite at livejournal dot com
Personal Journal: [personal profile] valentinite/[ profile] valentinite

I work long hours, and I'm not around as much as a lot of players. I apologize if this causes a problem for anyone. I'm most likely to be consistently available in the evenings (7-11 pm, EST/EDT) and on weekends (various hours). I can tag by email over lunch/breaks at work on rare occasions, and can plurk/email about plot/planning more readily.
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Nightshift 75: Endgame, with Sechs and Aigis and Many Others
Farwell (with Sechs), Underground Lake (crossing with Charon), Grand Ballroom (finding Aigis), Basement West Hall (negotiation with the Sphinx), Walk-in Refrigerator, Kitchen, Cafeteria,
Sun Room (rejoining party), Library,Secret Stairs, Fitness Center (device handover),
3-Center (with Rover/Doctor incident and device trigger), , , ,

Dayshift 75: Farwell
with Sechs and Marc.

Nightshift 74: F01-10, 1-West intending to meet with Soushi, Stairs (solo), 2-West, 2-Center, Meeting Room (teleport).

Dayshift 74: Hiatus.

Nightshift 73: F01-10, F-A, South 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center.

Dayshift 73:
2nd: Commiserating with Sechs
3rd: Free, no takers

Nightshift 72:
F01-10, F-A, 1-West, 1-Center, Radio Post to Goku, Sun Room with SC thread, Library, Stairs, Fitness Center, Observation Halls, Computer Lab.

Dayshift 72:
4th: Free (no takers).
Bulletin: Goku?

Nightshift 71:
F01-10, F-A, 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center, Sun Room, Patient Library, Secret Stairs, Fitness Center, Observation Hall.

Dayshift 71:
Nightshift 70:
Dayshift 70:

Nightshift 69:
F01-10 block, 1-West, 1-Center meeting Rita ([personal profile] overlimit), Sun Room, Library, Secret Stairs with I.R.I.S.

Dayshift 69:
1st: [skipped]
2nd: Showers (accidentally; it was actually junior showers), Sun Room, and Music Room discussion of Goku's death and secret places with Rita ([personal profile] overlimit).
3rd: [skipped]
4th: [skipped]
Dinner: [skipped]
Bulletin: Goku's death (seen after convo with Rita)
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Nightshift 67:

Dayshift 68:
1st: Breakfast with Tsubaki

Bulletin Posting: Anonymously re: drug trials
Bulletin Reading: ...

Nightshift 67: HIATUS

Dayshift 67:
1st: Breakfast meeting Guy
2nd: Sun Room with Soma
3rd: [was going to meet Scar, but he dropped]
4th: [hiatus]
Dinner: Nina posted, but I had to hiatus.

Bulletin Posting: Plant = St. John's Wort, Link is also trying to help, Botany with Tsubaki

Nightshift 66:
F1-10, South 1-A, 1-West with Goku and Rita, 1-Center, 1-East, East Wing, Hall A, Greenhouse Yard, Greenhouse, where they identified the St. John's Wort and Goku did not take any.

Dayshift 66:
1st: Breakfast with Goku
2nd: [hiatus]
3rd: [hiatus]
4th: [hiatus]
Dinner: [hiatus]

Bulletin Posting: Leaves, call to action.
Bulletin Reading: Monsters, a cure.

Nightshift 65: Goku Gone Wild
F01-11, 1-West, 1-Center, 1-East, Med Wing Hall, X-Ray Room, Med Wing Hall (again).
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Dayshift 65:
1st: Breakfast (solo)
2nd: Showers with Maya
4th: Goku
Dinner: here

Bulletin Posting: To Rita & Goku, Sechs checking in, Materia?
Bulletin Reading: n/a

Nightshift 64
F08, F-A with Rita.

Dayshift 64:
Breakfast: Rita is alive!
2nd-3rd: hiatus
4th: hiatus
Dinner: Meeting Nina

Bulletin Posting: Yomi looking for healing,
Bulletin Reading: Loki to Rita

Nightshift 63:
Bus 2 with nurse and Sechs, Road with Utena, Forest.

Dayshift 63:
Bus: Monster plot gossip with Maya ([personal profile] selfnighted)
Morning: [skipped, got her nails painted green]
Noon: Utena
Early Afternoon: skipped
Late Afternoon: skipped
Bus: Bus 2

Bulletin: Rita's death.

Nightshift 62:
F01-10, F-A, South 1-B, 1-West meeting Rita and Goku (and Intercom), Grand Ballroom, South Hall, Coliseum.

Dayshift 62
1st: Breakfast with Sechs
2nd: [skipped]
3rd: Hanging out with Renji
4th: Business with Okita
Dinner: n/a

Bulletin Posting: Asuka's Farewell, Okita to Taura, Paging Rita and Goku.
Bulletin Reading: Nothing special.

Nightshift 61
F-Block, 1-West (meeting Rita and Goku, waiting for Okita but he didn't show), Grand Ballroom, West Hall, Sphinx's Chamber.

Dayshift 61 (Dreamwidth)

1st: Breakfast and mutiny with Rita ([personal profile] overlimit)
2nd: Flowers and catching up with Chise ([personal profile] lastlovesong)
3rd: [skipped]
4th: Soccer and bonding with Yomi ([personal profile] she_is_ruin)
Dinner: here, no reply.

Bulletin Posting: HC Checkin, NS Plans.
Bulletin Reading: Rita's magic survey, Chise reawakens (seen after her conversation with her 2nd shift, hence no reply).
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Nightshift 60: Upstairs run with HC
F01-F10, F/A, South 1-B, 1-West, Stairwell, 2-West, 2-Center with Goku, Yomi, and a couple of lurchers.

Dayshift 60:
1st: [skipped, ate a real breakfast]
2nd: Catching up with Utena ([profile] roseoverture)
3rd: Meeting Saber ([personal profile] kingofknights)
4th: Meeting Kurama ([profile] fuukaenbujin)
Dinner: Dinner with Wichita

Bulletin Posting: History Club, Note to Rita, and History Club.
Bulletin Reading: The Hetalia nations claiming the Institute, but nothing particular.

Nightshift 59:
F8, F-A, South 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center, Stairs, 2-West, 2-Center, Meeting Room 1.

Dayshift 59:
1st: Breakfast with Claire Stanfield (introduced himself as Vino). He struck her as a little too eager for a fight, but not horrible company.
2nd: skipped
3rd: Lunch with Rita, discussing the drug trials.
4th: Sun Room with Goku and Okita discussing History Club and the night's plans.
Dinner: Guns and Zombies (Wichita was a no-show)

Bulletin Posting: HC checkin, Zombie virus query, Warning to Rita and Goku, More HC, TK-622?.
Bulletin Reading: Drug trial discussion, and more.
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Querida Cati,

It's just about time for finals, so I thought perhaps I could offer some words of encouragement. Despite all the demands on your time, classes, practice, the opposite sex, and living on your own for the first time, I hope you've found time for yourself.

If the TV can be trusted, it looked like half the school had clearly forgone sleep the night you won Duke a slot in the Final Four, and the other half aren't worth your time. You're the best thing that's happened to that team in a decade, and they know it. When you've learned it yourself, you'll be unstoppable.

I'd wish you luck, but you don't need it. You were already on your way up when I met you, and the heights you'll reach will dazzle us all.

Tu mayor fan,

P.S. Anna was trying out a new brownie recipe. I already told her you'd love them. Back me up on this one, please?

P.P.S. She also informs me that the position of biggest fan has competition. Make us both proud, yeah?

[The brownies have been confiscated, but the letter was obviously in a larger box -- it has no envelope and the residue of a piece of tape.]
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Nightshift 58: Forced Drug Trial - Zombie Virus and Ghost Event
F8, F-A Block, 1-West, 1-Center,1-East, Front Desk (Med Wing), Med Wing Hall, Infirmary (monster attack, saw Armand and TK as ghosts).

Dayshift 58:
1st: hiatus
2nd: hiatus
3rd: Lunch with Daemon ([ profile] bastard_sadi)
4th: free, no takers
Dinner: Medical trial and meeting Wichita ([ profile] zombiefree)

Bulletin Posting: Paging Okita, History Club rollcall and message to Rita and Goku, Gumshoe looking for Franziska,
Bulletin Reading:

Nightshift 57:
F01-10, F-A, 1-West, 1-Center, Sun Room, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Walk-in Refrigerator, Grand Ballroom, East Hall, Hall of Armor, Weapons Range.

Dayshift 57:
1st: slept in
2nd: Brunch with Goku ([ profile] boketa) and Rita ([ profile] bodhiandspirit)
3rd: Visited by Karl Fuchs (Manfred von Karma)
4th: here (no takers)
Dinner: here with new roommate Wichita

Bulletin Posting: Unapologetic Goku, History Club 1, 2.
Letter: from Miguel (Miles).

Nightshift 56:
Figuring out the materia and then exploring with Rita ([ profile] bodhiandspirit):
F8, Rita's room, Radio Broadcast, F-A, West South 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center, Sun Room, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Walk-in Refrigerator, Grand Ballroom.

Dayshift 56: (Doyleton)
Bus: Bus 2 with Rita ([ profile] bodhiandspirit)
1st: Girl Time with Grell ([ profile] deadlyjuliet)
2nd: Meeting and shopping with Mele ([ profile] mugenreppa)
3rd: Tasty Burgers with Leela ([ profile] shorttank)
4th: Catching up with Zack ([ profile] zack_fair)
Bus: [free]
Dinner: here

Bulletin Posting: HC assembly,
Bulletin Reading: N/A

Nightshift 55:
F8, F-A, South 1-B, North 1-B, Rec Field meeting Asuka ([ profile] lookitmemama) and Naraku ([ profile] unfleeing), North of the Institute, Quarry.

Dayshift 55:
1st: [free] (untagged)
2nd: HC meeting
3rd: Pink gloop lunch with Ax ([ profile] moarnomsplz)
4th: Showers with a chance of Lightning ([ profile] thestormishere)
Dinner: Here with new roommate Morgan ([ profile] fangirlfatale)

Bulletin Posting: another bodyswap (Ax), thanks from Aigis, Classifications, HC assignments
Bulletin Reading: HC meeting, Ax to Okita.

Nightshift 54: (Parasite Event, unaffected)
Meeting Aigis for training.

F8, F-A, South 1-B, Rec Field.

Dayshift 54:
First shift: Breakfast and food fight with TK-622 [ profile] loyal_soldier)
Second shift: Greenhouse with Franziska ([ profile] iwhipthefool)
Third shift: Lunch with Zack ([ profile] zack_fair)
Fourth shift: skipped (working out on the rec field)
Dinner: [no reply]

Bulletin posting: Confronting HC folks, confirming plans with Aigis, talking to Franziska (note: thread cuts off abruptly with second shift conversation), HC meeting tomorrow.
Bulletin reading: Sgt. Tear dislikes food fights, Physical changes.
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[Two notes, each with a name on the outside and folded in half.]

Franziska von Karma )
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Nightshift 53
F8, South 1-B, 1-West, South 1-A, North 1-A, M62, and then backtracking to 1-West and waiting there for History Club folks who never arrived.

Dayshift 53
Breakfast with Aidou ([ profile] blood_and_pocky)
Sun Room with Leela ([ profile] shorttank)
Lunch with Mele ([ profile] mugenreppa)
Sun Room again with Scar ([ profile] longlivetehking)

Bulletin Posting: paging vK, History Club signup, boxing lessons?, To Franziska and Leon.
Bulletin Reading: nothing of significance.

Nightshift 52
F8, South 1-B waiting for Manfred von Karma ([ profile] perfectrecord) and Scar ([ profile] longlivetehking), F-A block (with detour to the bathroom

Dayshift 52
1st: Hallway run-in with Lightning ([ profile] thestormishere) and some medtechs, and then to breakfast.
2nd: skipped
3rd: here with ZEX
4th: catching up with Mele ([ profile] mugenreppa)
Dinner: here but new roomie Laura ([ profile] playswellwith) went on hiatus.

Bulletin Posting: a favor for vK, History Club, re: Dr. Stein, paging Zack, bodyswaps.
Bulletin Reading: HC final call HC assignments, Tifa to Zack re: jewelry

Nightshift 51
Asleep (still hiatused).

Dayshift 51
In the medical wing, recovering from injuries that the staff were fussing over more than she was. (AKA I was on hiatus.)

Nightshift 50
History Club -> Basement again
Her room, Meeting in F-A (also Zack's wave), South 1-B, 1-Center, Sun Room with SC Yukari, Cafeteria.

Dayshift 50
1st: posted [free], no takers
2nd: Catching up (and eating) with TK-622 ([ profile] loyal_soldier), also includes partial basement maze map
3rd: Rec field comparative treatment of mutants discussion with Leela ([ profile] shorttank)
4th: Talking about Cissnei with Zack ([ profile] zack_fair), continued here

Bulletin Posting: Cissnei's gone, HC check-in, HC Assignments
Bulletin Reading: Utena found a ballroom, club census part I
prisoners of war, festivals back homeclub census part II, Kaoru has left, the von Karma family saga

Nightshift 49 (Portals)
Girl's Night Out with Cissnei ([ profile] tofindherwings) and Rika ([ profile] repeatingfate)
F8, F-A (meeting Rika), South 1-B, 1-West, Stairwell, 2-West, South 2-A, Gaia. (OOC note.)

Dayshift 49 (Doyleton)

Bus 2: here with Yue ([ profile] winged_moon).
First shift: Skipped (running around town)
Second shift: Nail Polish Time with Scourge ([ profile] haplesstracker) Nails are now pale pink.
Third shift: Food talk at Tasty Burger with Teresa ([ profile] number1smiley)
Fourth shift: Zombie contingency plans with Xemnas ([ profile] itneverwas)
Bus back: Skipped
Dinner: here with Cissnei ([ profile] tofindherwings)

Bulletin: She did not go into Callahan's.
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Nightshift 48:
Trying the basement thing again. Assigned with Himura Kenshin [ profile] degozaruyo, Kaoru Kamiya [ profile] wearsthehakama, and Isayama Yomi [ profile] she_is_ruin (a.k.a. Hayashi on the bulletin) to the west end of the basement, Himura Kenshin in charge. (East end: Kenren, Okita (Kaneyoshi on the bulletin), and some symbol-thing for Teresa [ profile] number1smiley.)
F8, F-A, WW South 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center, Sun Room where she saved Tylor ([ profile] justawaketylor) from Kayako ([ profile] deathrattling) although she didn't know it was Kayako again, Cafeteria, Kitchen ice cream time with Tylor and Yomi ([ profile] she_is_ruin) plus dressing-down from Homura ([ profile] screwthegods), Walk-in Fridge dash for ice cream.

Dayshift 48:
First: Breakfast with Captain Zelnick ([ profile] captain_hunam)
Second: Therapy with Dr. Stein ([ profile] drheadscrew)
Third: Lunch with Manfred von Karma ([ profile] perfectrecord)
Fourth: skipped (assuming a quiet shower)
Dinner: skipped

Bulletin Posting: VK meeting, HC checkin, Luke's apology for SC, To Raphael, HC assignments, true warriors.
Bulletin Reading: Monster description and healing fountain.

Nightshift 47:
History Club basement trip:
Moving out, passing Meche, crowded hall, more crowded hall, rendezvous point, from there a scouting mission to the Rec Field and back, and shifted out before they could get anywhere.

Dayshift 47:
Breakfast: here with Okita ([ profile] notachick)
Second shift: here, with Momo ([ profile] hajike_tobiume)
Lunch: here with Raphael ([Bad username or site: donetakinorders / @])
Fourth: ICly replied about playing games on the field, thread here, with Utena, Anthy, and Harley.
Dinner: here with Cissnei ([ profile] tofindherwings)
Bulletin Posting: Thanking Utena and Anthy, History Club morning check-in, games 4th shift?, History Club assignments
Bulletin Reading: (none so far)

Nightshift 46:
Room, F-A block, meeting VK in the hall, proceeding, scouting the stairs, 2-West, 2-Center with Kronen, Utena, and Anthy, back to 2-West, downstairs, 1-West, 1-Center, 1-East, stairs, hall, door smash, and arrived!.

Dayshift 46:
First: Wakeup freakout with Cissnei ([ profile] tofindherwings) and nurse.
Second: skipped due to backthreading first shift. Assumed asleep in sun room.
Third: Lunch with Chise ([ profile] cryingweapon).
Fourth: skipped due to Christmas.
Dinner: here.

Bulletin Posting: vK to Taura, History Club morning check-in
Bulletin Reading: History Club assignments
Other: Note from vK ([ profile] perfectrecord).

Nightshift 45: (brainwashed)
Asleep all night (hiatus).

Dayshift 45: (brainwashed)
First: Breakfast with Karl Fuchs ([Bad username or site: perfectrecord / @])
Second: Library with Scar ([Bad username or site: longlivetehking / @])
Third: Lunch with Raphael ([Bad username or site: donetakinorders / @])
Fourth: Sun Room with Leonard McCoy ([Bad username or site: hes_deadjim / @])
Dinner: here.

Bulletin Posting: Favorite things.
Bulletin Reading: Pinged by the name "Kitty", and again, request for books, anyone wish they weren't brainwashed?, brainwashing poll. (Note: she was intentionally reading and not replying to a lot of stuff; she didn't want to get personal/make waves on the bulletin.)

Nightshift 44:
Storming S-C Prep with the History Club: Homura ([Bad username or site: screwthegods / @]), Nataku ([Bad username or site: stringless_doll / @]), Okita ([Bad username or site: notachick / @]), Ayumu ([Bad username or site: tostepforward / @]), Kenren ([Bad username or site: opposingheaven / @]), and Hanatarou ([Bad username or site: mitase / @]).
F8, F-A, 1-West, Stairwell, 2-West fighting Kayako ([ profile] deathrattling), the cavalry arrive, 2-Center, Decontamination Room 1, SC Final Prep Area, ...

Dayshift 44:
First Shift: Breakfast with TK ([Bad username or site: loyal_soldier / @])
Second Shift: Showers with Mele ([Bad username or site: mugenreppa / @])
Third Shift: Lunch with Wesker ([Bad username or site: no_side_effects / @])
Fourth Shift: skipped
Dinner: Dinner with Cissnei ([Bad username or site: tofindherwings / @])

Bulletin Posting: History Club roundup, History Club assignments
Bulletin Reading:
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Nightshift 43: (Death)
In F8 for healing with Hanatarou ([ profile] mitase) and Kenren ([Bad username or site: opposingheaven / @]), F1-10 hallway, F-Block hallway, West Wing South Hall 1-B meeting with Kenshin ([ profile] degozaruyo) and Kaoru ([ profile] wearsthehakama), Main 1-West, stairwell, 2-west.

Dayshift 43:
First shift: Chapel with Homura ([Bad username or site: screwthegods / @])
Second shift: Breakfast with Manfred von Karma ([Bad username or site: perfectrecord / @])
Third shift: Visited by not!Bel Thorne
Fourth shift: skipped (asleep in room)
Dinner shift: skipped (asleep in room)

Bulletin Posting:
Armand is dead, hey VK you OK?, Rangiku's gone, Ken & Aya are OK too, History Club query, A&C check-in re:Rangiku, Mapping Doyleton, History Club assignments.

Nightshift 42: (Doyleton)
Started in Twin Pine with Adachi ([ profile] fooledintuition) and Callisto ([ profile] givemeoblivion), headed out to Wicker Street and met Aya ([ profile] briar_thorns and Ken ([ profile] gentiana_clusii), to Master Wrench for a boss fight.

Dayshift 42: (Doyleton)
Bus to Doyleton with Hinamori Momo ([Bad username or site: hajike_tobiume / @])
First shift: manicures with Talana ([ profile] lovelycommand) note: mostly assumed due to Talana dropping
Second shift: skipped (assumed eating lunch and wandering)
Third shift: The Bookworm bookstore -> Wicker Street -> Twin Pine for second lunch with Manfred von Karma ([ profile] perfectrecord)
Fourth shift: Twin Pine meeting with vK, Adachi ([ profile] fooledintuition) and Callisto ([ profile] givemeoblivion).

Bulletin posting:
History club check-in and meeting request, History Club reminder, History Club assignments

Nightshift 41:
Leaving her room, waiting for the team and chatting with Soma ([ profile] madeinthehrl), waiting some more and meeting Kenshin ([ profile] degozaruyo) and Kaoru ([ profile] wearsthehakama), bathroom one has been raided, back to F-Block, hallway, more hallway, outside another bathroom, ransacking cut short by shift change.

Dayshift 41:
Wakeup --> Lunch with TK ([Bad username or site: loyal_soldier / @])
Sun Room with Armand ([Bad username or site: secret_orchard / @]).
Dinner with Rangiku ([ profile] fuyunohanabi)

Bulletin Posting:
History Club signup, Search and Rescue signup, Armand's courier service
Talana's skin tone has gone AWOL,
History Club assignments.

Bulletin Reading:
Lelouch's Monster List, M.E.'s Primer and Club List, and Armand's assignment post.
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As several icons required more than would fit in the little boxes, all icon/image credits are here. First, all icons created by [ profile] valentinite. Some are cropped from fanart commissioned for this journal -- see attribution below. I'd prefer no-one take any of these, except for the ones derived from images under a Creative Commons license; they may be altered and used under the terms of the same license as the original images, provided the original attribution and license is kept.

"Labyrinth", Borders of Infinity, Mirror Dance, Memory, and "Winterfair Gifts" are all by Lois McMaster Bujold.

The Art of War is by Sun Tsu. Translations used vary.

Icons I have keywords for and need to make: [animals don't lie]

Detailed credits for all icons are behind the cut )
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Point in canon: She's taken from just before Mirror Dance. At this point, she's 20, and has been with the Dendarii Mercenaries for four years. She does not know Miles' real identity yet.

History )
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